Special Orders

Many of our customers often ask us for specific oils or lubricants that can be difficult to find in the quantities that they require.

Whether they be marine outboard motor oils, synthetic automotive oils, or industrial air compressor oils, what we don’t keep in stock or you can’t find on our products page, we are able to order in from Caltex and will usually have in stock within 7 business days.

Buying oil in larger 20lt or 205lt pack sizes is generally more economical than buying smaller 5lt containers, and we also offer a range of quality generic oils manufactured by local blenders.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements, or check out the Caltex Lube Finder to help you choose the right oil for your vehicle.

Oil recycling

Regular vehicle maintenance can benefit the environment, but what can be done to reduce the impact that used oils have on our planet?

In Australia, approximately 250 million litres of used oil is produced each year. If this oil were allowed to enter our soil, rivers and streams, or landfill, it would have a significant detrimental impact on our environment.

To help combat this, the Australian Government set up the Product Stewardship of Oil (PSO) program, which levies an excise on the sale of new oil. Money raised from the PSO is used to subsidise the oil recycling industry.

If you are servicing your vehicle at home, you should never pour any used oil down the drain or throw it into your bin. Many refuse disposal facilities can accept small quantities of oil free of charge. Contact your local council for details.

Paisley Petroleum are licensed by the EPA Victoria and can accept bulk quantities of certain industrial oils and PCB free transformer oils. Please contact us to discuss our acceptance criteria and your bulk industrial oil recycling needs.

Christmas Trading for Depot Sales

Below are our depot trading hours for the Christmas/ New Year period. Please contact us for our reduced delivery schedule during January.

Friday 23th Dec


Saturday 24th Dec

Sunday 25th Dec

Monday 26th Dec

Tuesday 27th Dec

Wednesday 28th Dec

Thursday 29th Dec

Friday 30th Dec

Saturday 31st Dec

Sunday 1st Jan

Monday 2nd Jan


The staff at Paisley Petroleum would like to wish all of our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.